Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Ebates. Its pretty amazing.

So i have been introduced to a awesome site called Ebates. Its legit, i have had friends coming forth to tell me how awesome it is. You get money.. by shopping online. Sounds crazy? Indeed, it does. However, crazy never scared me . So i have signed up and the adventure begins! You get a percentage from the stores you shop from and it adds up over time. I have friends who recieve hundreds of dollars!! They are big online shoppers, so they spend alot as well.  So here is the deal. Lets say you decide to sign up. After you sign up, go to the site you're wanting to shop "through" look for the store, for example, on shop, make your purchase, then you earn what ever % cash back they offer. All your purchases add up, then they send a check every 3 months. You MUST go to the site through the link on ebates to earn the's really simple smile emoticon

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