Thursday, August 28, 2014

Playtex sport review

I have gone on and on about my Vox Box from Influencster. I am sure the few of you that read this blog are super tired of it. However i am really loving the Playtex Sport Fresh Balance product . I will tell you why: I have 4 kids who are into playing different types of sports. Believe me , i have spent hours at a ball field.. hours at a soccer field. Heck, hours driving in the car to get to these events, not to mention the practices every day of  the week. And its summertime, so its super hot and muggy. So let me break it down like this : hot weather + sweat+ mr.monthly = super uncomfortable. However with Playtex Sport Fresh Balance and the new scent it relieves stress for me. Mr. monthly + sweat + Fresh Balance = Stress free for all soccer , softball, baseball games and practices for this crazy mom. :)  #Playon #Playtex Sport Fresh Balance.

I recieved this product as a complimentary review from Influenster

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


I  just ordred my samples box from Pinchme! Its a product review site that seems to be legit. All you do, is sign up, pick your samples and order them. No charge of any kind however they do ask that you come back and make a review. So i am excited to get my box in the mail!! If your interested in trying out new products check out this site.

Go check it out and then let me know your thoughts. I will def let you guys know when i get my box! Excited!!
Also i have tried many different freebie sites, those sites that list free samples or great deals. Some sites , they may say free , but its not. There is always some survey or something you need to buy before you can actually get the free sample. So far i have found a site that i really like and it seems it is legit , the freebies are free.

Hope you get some Free Samples!! give me your input of what you think of this site. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future Powered by Ceramide Caplet Serum

I had told you folks about getting the awesome VoxBox  from Super awesome products , super excited. In that VoxBox i got to try out the new product from Elizabeth Arden called Future Flawless Powered by Ceramide Caplet Serum. Let me tell you, this product is really nice. I am pushing 40 . And i do not like it. This product is great for those of us with signs of aging. It has cool little mini beads that activate when you use it! And those little gems help to reduce the apprearance of lines and wrinkles and help with uneven skin tone.

I know you want some! Head over to this link and order now!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Things that made me smile today.

I have alot going on in my family , and i have ran across some videos that simply crack me up and bring a smile to my face. wanted to share.

I can relate to this kid, i look very similar when listening to Mr.Presley. Doesn't everyone? Try not to smile, or enjoy it. I dare you.

I laughed right along with these cuties

adorable. hope it made you smile.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

He is singing what we are all thinking.

Found this floating around facebook, super good stuff. very cute. check it out.

 Just precious.

I am always scouting out ways to save money, freebies , giveaways etc. I ran across this Red box promo code for a free movie rental and it worked! I am not sure how long it will be able to be used, so try it! Please understand i have no control of what promo codes are done away with by the company and when they are no longer accepted. 
Here is the code that worked for me this evening - 12HHN756

Good luck
xoxo Tina

Sunday, August 17, 2014


I have been entering alot of giveaways , and i wanted to share them with you. Hurry and hop on over to these sites and check them out, Good luck!
Brilliant Earth jewelry give away
giveaway from International Foods
Personalized Lunch Box
Jasper Bracelet giveaway
Keurig Coffee

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Freebies and contests and giveaways oh my!

I have found some neato stuff i think you may enjoy. Here are some good contests and freebies you may be able to get. Hurry before they are all gone! to enter in the sun maid raison box trolls contest  for a free sample of  2 miracle face serum  for a hugo boss fragrance sample a super cool list of freebies you can obtain just because its your birthday! This list was put together by the website Hey, its free.  i thought it was super cool and wanted to pass it on, i am for sure going to look into the before the next family bday!

I have also became a Bzz agent, and i am super pumped about it. They have you take surveys and then they have campaigns and based on your survey answers you may b picked to participate in one. I am patiently waiting to hear if i do meet the requirements, so i cannot give more definete info on this site. But if your feeling frisky , head on over and check it out


Vox Box Rules!!

I have been waiting on this. I kept checking the tracking , hoping it would be here. So today is the day, it came. I have brought up Crowd tap and my winnings from there, which is super fun. I wanted to make sure this paticular site was the real deal before rambling about it. Its called Its super easy , just like crowd tap, and there are no strings attached.  They have what they call a Vox Box. Inside it, are all different types of products for you to review, and you get to keep the goods!  The paticular vox box i was chosen to preview is called Vitality Vox Box , and inside are super fun things!!
1.Full size bottle of True Leaf  Tea
2.Full box of Playtex sport tampons
3.Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future serum
4. Bikini ready gummies
5.First Degree burn cream
6.Soft lips cube

Is that cool or what?

So because i joined Influenster, i am able to review and keep all of these amazing products. In my opinion joining Influenster is a must . All of the items are awesome, but the Playtex new sports product is possibly the best smelling product i have smelled in a long time. Is that weird? I cant help it, it smells super good.Its called Fresh balance. No doubt i am going to purchase these in the future. True Leaf tea is really good, and that says alot coming from me, considering my husband and I are sweet tea fiends. True story.  The face serum from Elizabeth Arden feels like silk, and the Soft lips lip balm is Uh-Maz-ing.  I havent gotten to try out the First Degree burn cream. If the Bikini ready gummies work as great as they taste , i am going to buy them in bulk. Its been a long time since this body has been bikini ready... lets just leave it at that.
So in closing, here are my thoughts. Go check out Influenster, be patient and when you get your vox box-enjoy. Pretty simple , right?

Thursday, August 14, 2014
So i have heard so many bloggers and just folks in general , talking about getting all of these free samples and other items. So i have decided to check out this new phenomenom of the receiving of samples. I have done some research and checked out many sites.I gotta tell you that one thing i have learned for sure is that "free" very seldom means " free". for real.  I have signed up for alot of sites who promise rewards for doing certain things pertaining to the site. This one in paticular is the real deal, i have already been issued a 5 dollar amazon gift card! and it was super easy and there were no strings attached. Thats a biggy, no stings! Now i realize 5 bucks wont get a whole lot, but a lot of 5 buck gift cards will! Am i right?! Its called Crowdtap. Check it out.

You do have to sign up for a account and you do have to answer many questions about different products. The more you answer , the better it is . I have recieved my gift card with a code to use ( i havent used it yet),and i  cannot guarentee that you will win one, but i will keep my fingers crossed for you! And if you do please let me know how it worked out  for you. I have signed up for many other sites, but am waiting to see how they all turn out before commenting on them.

So hop on over to crowdtap and get to work!



Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Today is the day!

i am so excited to start this blog!! i have wanted to for a long time, but was a little intimidated. Now here it is, almost completed. I guess your wondering what will make my blog different. I cant give a creative amazing answer but what i can tell you is i hope it brings a smile to your face and a chuckle along the way. I am interested in product reviews, offering giveaways, and sharing awesome ways to save a buck. I hope this blog gives me a way to meet amazing people and make friends. thanks for reading, you will be hearing from me. XOXO