Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Cloud9 Blemish Control Moisturizer

Concentrated Natural Treatment Works Fast to Clear Acne, Blackheads and Blemishes.
Patent Pending Acne Breakthrough.  Cloud9  is based on the findings of world class doctors and scientists into the 4 known causes of acne   1) inhibit hormonal triggers, 2) kill acne causing bacteria, 3) stop excess oil and sebum, 4: refuel vitamin f deficiency.
Works without irritating fragrances, parabens, tea tree oil, sulfur, salicylic acid, willowbark, benzoyl peroxide.   Soothing for sensitive skin.
Contains 2 botanical extracts shown to kill acne causing bacteria better than benzoyl peroxide.  
Contains amazing botanical extracts that are clinically shown to: help skin heal scars, balance oily skin and excess sebum. Dissolve blackheads caused by thick sebum that clogs pores.

Dare to Dream of Beauitful Skin

Gentle enough to use every day for a clear and radiant complexion.  Powerful enough for mild and severe acne. Starts working fast, and the longer you use it, the more your skin transforms.  Good for all ages - tweens to adult and mature skin.  Excellent choice for moms concerned about the skin health of their teens!
Rich in vitamins C and pro-A, anti-inflammation extracts, and anti-oxidants that protect against free radical damage.  


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