Monday, May 11, 2015

Mothers day- a day late.. typical.

Sometimes I forget how blessed I am that God handpicked you 4 to b my children.Sometimes I forget what it felt like when I would pray and pray that God would let me experience what it meant to have this amazing title. Sometimes i wonder if i am doing this right. Sometimes ( a lot of times) i think back to when i was young , and I remember thinking no one could do this job as good as my mom did. There are a few things i know 100%, without a shadow of a doubt. It doesnt matter how many times you fight with each other, kick each other out of bunkbeds.. give the evil eye..put each other in headlocks.. call each other names..even when you chase each other around the house with fury in your eyes..(lol) I love you 4 more than anything. My love covers all of the fights, spills , sleepless nights, chaotic schedules , grouchy moments, messy rooms, bad test grades. And in my house, thats a lot of love. There is nothing i wouldnt do for you, no battle i would not fight. I learned that from my mom smile emoticon HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! I hope you all enjoyed your day .