Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Petastic Adjustable Dog Collar !

Hey guys!! I am back from a very long break. I had a lot going on, so I took a pause from the blogging and reviewing life. But like a bad penny, here I am. I hope to find all of you doing great and loving your summer so far. I have been presented with many things over this past year , so good, some bad, some life changing. Our family is doing great, but ever changing. The kids are growing and learning and changing too. Some of you may remember our fur baby Bruno.. our good old , family trusted dog. He was a German Shepard, possibly the best that has ever been. Well, as we know in this life all good things must end and all things go away at one point or another. Our Bruno passed , and we were shook. Cant say i have ever been a big pet lover especially after having my 4 kids.. its almost like i didnt have anything else to give .But that crazy shepard got in my cold black heart , lol, no matter how much he agitated me or upset me , at the end of the day i loved him. When he died everything changed and even felt different, as dumb as it sounds , our back yard wasn't the same.. actually never will be. I went into all of that to explain , that we have recently decided to get a new baby.. a new German Shepard puppy.. it wasn't easy because we were so upset and affected by Bruno dying , we almost couldn't do it. But alas.. here we are friends. We searched and visited a few diff breeders , looked at a few diff litters. We decided on one little female, and even though she was small we brought her home. The poor girl went a week or so without a name..My #3 came up with the best name.. in my opinion. Her name is Jetta. Her black fur was as black as night.. Jet black. SO there she was. Here she is, and i might add its amazing what you forget when you've gone years without a puppy.. they do all kinds of weird stuff and test your patience.But my kids and my husband and myself love her.. even though she pees on the porch, chews on everything warm and moving, poops right where i prefer her not too and trips me at least 2 times a day as i walk through the yard. I was excited to be able to get the opportunity to review this super cute Petastic Collar! It truly is a nice collar and it has beautiful color options to pick from. We generally get plain old nothing fancy collars , so getting this very well made colorful collar was a treat. Its adjustable , there are many diff print options and different sizing options. It is not a regular cheap collar by any standards. I got a few pics of our Jetta wearing this collar. I picked out the grey/pink cherise print. It was tough, there were several i liked.
There is our Jetta wearing her adorable Petastic Adjustable Dog Collar