Tuesday, August 25, 2015

We love this dog grooming brush!

I recieved this brush in exchange for a honest review. I thought it would be a decent brush, but didnt realize just how nice it was.

First off.. I am horribly allergic to dogs and about 100 other things. Funny thing is, we have 2 dogs, tons of cats.. chickens.. My husband enjoys taking care of them, as do my kids. They are a big help taking care of the dogs especially. So when i gave the brush to my oldest, she went out right away to give it a try. After brushing Bruno ( our german shepard) i was shocked at the hair !! Well, shocked and kinda grossed out. Not kidding it was alot. This truly is a top of the line brush for dogs. Its made nice and  heavy.. not made of cheap materials. Its a keeper for sure. I recommend this to anyone who have to take care of dogs with long hair . 


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